Friday, March 6, 2009

to do...

spring break starts this afternoon! it won't be much of a break since i'm headed home to take care of wedding details AND go to an engagement party that my aunts and uncles are having for us. as far as wedding planning goes, here are my "To Do" and "Already Done" lists.
my goal is that by the time i get back to atl, everything but the favors and gift bags will be checked off! cross your fingers that my mom and I can be this industrious!

checked off the to do list:

-started pre-marital counseling
-ordered bridesmaid's dresses
-got a place for the reception and ceremony (same place)
-wearing a dress I already had
-using my mom's veil
-booked a caterer (but we may have to re-think this... the cost is like WAY more than we thought)
-booked a band
-ordered invitations and love them
-got a florist for bouquets, etc (but we may do some of the ceremony decoration ourselves)
-written the liturgy for the ceremony
-booked photographer friend Joe and took engagement photos
- ordered groomsmen suits
-started calligraphy for envelopes

things that we need to do soon:
-find wedding bands (this is hard when you want to buy estate jewelry!)
-rent a tent in case of rain
-make bridesmaids and hostess gifts
-get my dress fitted
-get a passport
-decide on kind of cake
-work on the program

details that can wait:
-make out of town gift bags and maps
-get dress altered
-find ties for groomsmen
-figure out songs for band to play
-talk to joe about shots we want
-bake cookies as favors
-make paper cranes

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