Wednesday, March 4, 2009

soooooo GQ....

fab, right? this is what our gent's are going to wear...
#1 because it's going to be HOT in the 'Sip and it's not a fancy wedding
#2 Boone hates to wear a tux
#3 he's got a family friend who owns a men's store and so we're getting the suits at a little more than they'd pay to rent a tux.

yeah, ideally everyone gets to wear something they already have... but i think we've been over this... while this is ok with us, it's not ok with everyone who's planning (and paying for) the wedding. :) this was our compromise.

we've got the suits, but we don't have ties. anyone know where to get moderately priced men's ties that aren't hideous?

image from the knot


Ten Thousand Only said...

i JUST bought 4 for the groom and his boys.

Biz said...