Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wedding Wednesday... the maids!

i've been hesitant to talk about my upcoming wedding ceremony because, we're still not totally sure about any of the details but we're only 179 days away from our potential date! yikes!

don't worry... we've booked a reception site and chapel, a caterer, the cake lady, and I've got a dress.
right now you're thinking, "so, what's the problem? you've got all the BIG things lined up, you're set."

weeeeelllll, the thing is, my mom hasn't actually SEEN the reception or chapel site and let's just say it's a little non-traditional.

How non-traditional, you ask?

VERY. we're talking a tin roof with pea gravel and a hanging stained glass window from one open-air side of the chapel, and a reception site with walls covered in blues memorabilia. Boone and i love it because it's laid back, non-fussy, and outside, which, unfortunately may be exactly the reasons why the mother-of-the bride may not.


the worst part is that we won't know for sure if we get the go ahead until JANUARY...that's cutting it a little bit close, i think. if this doesn't work out, then we'll do something pretty pretty different and traditional in my hometown which, --let's be honest-- will be totally fine. i mean, at the end of the day we'll still be married no matter where it is or what it looks like.

all that is to say that i'm not really sweating it right now, but it sure would feel good to have those major details ironed out.

In the meantime, my beautiful friend-maids are picking out which of these fun little numbers they're going to wear on the big day. Originally I'd wanted them to be in any sort of navy or brown dress that they felt lovely in, but there were some points of contention about that. Sooooo... we went with the "burnished olive" and they get to pick out whatever style they like best. Word on the street is that # 2 and #3 are the most popular but i LOVE the ruffled one. love it.*

anyway, now on Wednesdays (for sure) and maybe a few other days, i'll share some wedding details and tidbits. let me know your thoughts.

* fyi the JCrew Aficionada gave me a little tip about a 20% -30% off sale code you may want to check out.
bride photo from snippetandink i think?


juji journey said...

You post an interesting blog. I wish you the best in your wedding. It's your wedding. Do it with no regrets. The mother of the bride would understand and would have wanted it that way for her own wedding. btw, I like #3 dress the best! God's best to you...

Anonymous said...

Where is this wonderful place? Are you allowed to say?

- Christa

Biz said...

thank you for saying so and i really appreciate your supportive comments! i know it's our wedding, but i just feel like there's got to be a way to make everyone happy... so i'll keep working on it.

also, i'm going to say more about the location soon... when it is definitively a yes or no. stay tuned and thanks for reading.