Monday, January 5, 2009

making plans..finally!

happy New Year to you!

and hooray! wedding plans abound!
i'll give more complete details when i leave the land of the dial-up internet (aka my parent's house) but for now i'll say that we've made a great deal of headway on the wedding... we've got a caterer, a florist, and a wedding/reception site, and we've registered.
now, i should warn you, the site that we've chosen isn't the uber-cool tin rooved, pea gravelled and blues memorabilia decked location that i intially mentioned...BUT this is totally ok and good news! here's why:
that place was the "Carport Chapel" of the Shack Up Inn and the Hopson Commissary in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

now, don't get me wrong, it was going to be a coooooooool place to hold a fun, rustic, blusey reception. BUT to make the ceremony site look reverent, simple, and lovely rather than junky and tired it was going to take a LOT of work. this freaked the mom out just a little... obvi.

even though the parties i've been to at hopson have been so crazy fun, they weren't wedding-reverent. and the photos I've seen from other weddings there (which I'll try to get permission to post soon) look fab...really fab, but from what i understand it took a TON of work on the part of the wedding planners, family members, and bride and groom to make it look that way.

since boone and i want something easy, fun, and rustic, but mostly easy, it just wasn't the place. i mean, we want to spend the weeks prior to our wedding getting excited and hanging with our folks, not spend two weeks in a foreign locale cleaning up and jazzing up and renovating the ceremony site, you know?
soooooo, we're going with our backup plan in my hometown.

we're going to get married in the backyard of this lovely place and have the reception here too!
i think it's just lovely... and while it won't be super rustic, per se, it can still be fun and laid back with the right plan.
anyway, now instead of feeling bluesy and cool it'll feel like an intimate backyard wedding... but it's just not in my backyard... it's in someone elses! :) everyone wins.

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brett.h.harris said...

booyah. can't wait for it!!!!