Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i'm pretty lucky... ;)

I LOVE paper goods. LOVE them... but who doesn't?
I also love letterpress... you know, the deep kind that feels so great when you run your fingers over it?

I was pretty sure I wasn't going to have these kinds of invitations though, since we're being responsible with money and can't trim the reception guestlist to under 250 (eeeeek! i know!)
anyway, this makes letterpress invitations a HUGE luxury.. not to mention the fact that we are committed to using as many local vendors from my Mississippi town as possible.

This was why the discovery of Lucky Luxe Couture was the one of the most fabulous finds in the all of our wedding planning. Not only is erin local (for me!), but she's also fabulous, creative, willing to hear out all of my ideas, and really reasonable! i thankfully jumped on her bandwagon right before she got overwhelmed with other folks clamoring for her services. (i know.. i'm so lucky!)

anyway, i'm not going to share erin's ideas for our invitations with you until they get printed, mailed out and folks get them (and I hope she doesn't either) but here are some of her other FAB designs...

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