Thursday, February 12, 2009

what a racket...

why the heck do wedding veils cost more than my rent?
what kind of racket IS this? i mean, i get that it's hard to cut tulle straight, but $700 for some net and bobby pins?!? no way.

the thing is, i wasn't actually planning on wearing a veil since we're getting married in a small garden and i wanted to wear a braid with flowers in my hair...(a la jenna bush)

Then, i went to the alterations place and while i was trying on my dress (which FITS by the way... it was a deb dress from 5 years ago and it still fits!!!) they made me try on a few and of course i was completely smitten with the way i looked.

don't worry... no sparkly tiaras or weird looking blushers for this bride. or birdcage veils (loved the movie, hate the way they look on me) just simple, plain things.

we narrowed it down to two, one funky flyaway veil with small tulle and large net and another more classic one that was cathedral length with lace around the bottom. my mom and I LOVED them...then we saw the price tags. ACK! GASP! COUGH!

thankfully, we realized that my mom had her very simple, classic chapel length veil (see above) in a box somewhere. WHOO HOO! problem solved. so now, i'm thinking of making a switch to a feathered headthing for the reception. something like this...

while this is partially because it will be fun, it's also necessary. I'm probably the most clumsy person in the entire world and wearing anything that i may step on or get tangled up in is bad news bears.

anyway, for those of you not as lucky to have your mom's veil but don't want to spend what you might on uh, two days at the spa on your honeymoon, and you care about reducing, reusing, and recycling, check out sites like these:
encore bridal
bride to bride boutique
i do now i don't

or go to a brides against breast cancer event to find what you're looking for.

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