Wednesday, December 17, 2008

hug it out...or something like that...

today is our FIRST premarital counseling sesh. YIKES. we're doing all the get-to-know-you stuff and then getting into the down and dirty with marriage expectations and conflict/conflict transformation.

How do I know, you ask? because i wrote out the questions... yep. that's right. i said me.

we were going to use some kind of book... but the thing about premarital counseling books is.. that they're all REALLY awful. we looked/researched a few and either they were all not in depth enough, had pretty icky theology (ie. "The Bible says A marriage is Between a Man and a Woman and that the Woman needs to Submit to the Authority of her Husband) or weren't actually for PRE-maritial counseling, but rather for couples who were facing tough times.

None of these fit us, and since our awesome minster was ok with it...i just came up with our discussion points for the first meeting. no biggie fries.* ;)

it may turn out to be a HUGE disaster. if so, then we'll abandon ship and get a book pronto. i'll keep you posted.

*name that reference and i'll send you something.

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