Monday, November 22, 2010

gift guide: the love of my life who loves red meat, quirky comedians, and has a penchant for comfortable style

1. a new pair of kicks that say "i'm awesome"

2. a few new oxford shirts and a new vneck sweater...because it gets COLD in the delta and it's a little more cashz than a blazer.
3. the new mike burbiglia or david sedaris book...because he's a huge fan of all things awkward and hilarious.
 4. boone's beard can get pretty unruly...and he says shaving is a maybe some rough-and-tumble shaving products would make fun stocking stuffers...

4.  maybe a candy apple red smoker...because the man of the house has been doing a lot of the cooking lately, and he deserves a manly way to do it.
5.a new, flatscreen tv... because we're probably the last  people in America who still don't have one.
6. a pair of suspenders so he can look dapper whenever he feels like it!

7. or maybe boone would like a getaway to the ozarks when it warms up a little. it's supposed to be beautiful there, and a perfect change of pace from the delta.

8. or...maybe a manly, delicious dinner at the delta's best steakhouse.

9. and lastly, since my honey is a volunteer fireman, is working on a love of whisky, and cares about other folks..maybe a bottle of jim beam that supports the 9/11 firefighters or operation homefront

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