Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gift guide: the tiny lady who loves soups of all sorts, adores her family, and worries about everything

gift guide 2 (i'm on this one since we're heading to NC today!): what do you get the adorable, soup-loving, bread-baking, tradition-holding, college student advising, super duper adorable worrywart of a mother-in-law? here are some ideas.
1. a stylish apron from birdkage so she can keep her cute clothes clean when she bakes and bakes and bakes..
2. a few bowls from peter's pottery in mississippi...so she can enjoy her soup and hold tight to her ties to the deep south.

3. a collection of caldecott winning children's books since she started out as a pre-school teacher and has four grandaughters to read to!
4. a new pair of shoes for work and shoes for play (both gold!) because she loves to look cute.

5. boone's mom and dad have been wanting to learn how to cook stir fry, so maybe we'll get them a wok and some sesame oil to point them in the right direction
6. what about tickets to see the alvin ailey dance troup? the group is touring NC this year and i think boone's parents would really love the dancing, the history, and the costumes (so would i)
7. or, (and?) we can make a donation to a cause she feels really strongly about after her trip to ethiopia to adopt her newst granddaughters...

man o man...i LOVE gift guide time since it gives me a chance to think about how special each of my family members are and remember their passions and wishes. ;) hope you're having as much fun gift-giving as i am!

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