Sunday, November 21, 2010

dear santa...

so yesterday we went on a christmas shopping was super fun because my folks met us and so we got to spend the afternoon together. however, christmas shopping with 4 people (two of whom are the kind of fellas who H-A-T-E shopping) is pretty difficult, especially if you're trying to shop for some of the people who're with you.
the good news is that i was able to check most people off of our list. the bad news is that boone saw me buying a few of his gifts...which means my holiday gift guide will need to be extra tricky this year so he can't figure out what is. also, he kept asking me what i wanted for christmas, which really and truly, is nothing. but, while we were out and about i did run across a few little items i wouldn't mind having... ;) and here they are!
1. the most lovely pair of flats in the world.

       2. an ina garten cookbook that i don't have but i've seen everywhere

3. in the move to the 'sip i accidentally threw away my two peter's pottery fat bunnies. replacing them would make me SO happy.

4. a great pair of (cheap!) black or tan wedges for dressing up and going out.

5. lovely grey ruffled pretty pillowcases to replace the ones that flew into oblivion on our move from oxford.

6. a book of WPA posters (or better yet, this actual poster or this one) since they are my absolute fave kind of design and would look fab in my office.

7. and who doesn't want a polka dot cardigan?

8. i'm incredibly particular (and really traditional) when it comes to my stationary. unless i'm writing a fun note or sending a birthday card, i like to have plain white embossed (and classically monogrammed) correspondence cards. unfortunately i used up two sets writing wedding notes and haven't had any for over a year. i think this necessity is the perfect way to round out my wish list! ;)
9. last year i asked for a tshirt where the proceeds went to an incredible organization that supported education on the African continent. this year i want to support education reform a little closer to home.
10. but honestly...what i really and truly want for christmas is some time to go on an adventure with my honey. who can give me some time?
what do YOU want santa to bring you for Christmas? I've got gift guides coming this week and next, so if you're not sure check back for some ideas!


The Hasslers said...

I love WPA posters and vintage travel posters. We are currently looking for two to put in our living room.

Kathryn said...

How funny - in unpacking all of the things we've had in storage, I came across my two bunnies from McCarty's in Merigold. Such sweet little things!

Kelly said...

I love old propaganda posters - thanks for featuring that book!