Wednesday, November 24, 2010


well my darlings, happy happy thanksgiving day! please know that i'm incredibly thankful for so many things this year...and one thing on my long list is you. yep, really and truly. so many of  you are real-live friends of mine who have taken care of me through thick and thin, and others of you make my day because you've decided to read my just-for-fun blog, which is really kind of you since there are so many other better blogs out there you COULD be reading.;)

so, thanks. thank you, really.

i'm also thankful for boone, for his love and patience every minute of every day. and his support through the dark, dark, difficult month of october.

and my mom and dad, who really and truly are the best parents in the world!

for the teachers of the Mississippi Delta, who work their pants off because they love their students and believe that their kids deserve excellence.

for carrie, scott, and our four beautiful nieces...for giving us the chance to see another side of the world AND giving me the opportunity to be an aunt. it's an opportunity i've ALWAYS wanted.

i'm thankful everyday that we have employment, insurance, a house, reliable cars, and food on the table (much more than we need) when so many don't have these things. and I'm thankful for the people who are working to secure this for everyone.

and all the people willing to give their time and lives to help others.

and for our new neighbors who have been a bigger blessing in our new town than they will ever realize.

for new, beautiful babies with pink pink pink fingers and toes. florence and anne harrell, i'm talking about you.

and, while i'm at it...let me be serious for a moment.  i'm thankful for massaman chicken, the new harry potter movie, gypsy the stray cat who comes to visit us weekly, the interweb, beautiful grey delta days, and charlaine harris trashy novels. ;)

what are YOU thankful for?

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