Sunday, June 27, 2010

lazy sunday.

so we're settled into our temporary little house in oxford, miss. it's so cute and in the absolutely perfect spot just moments from of all, we're housesitting for a dear family friend, which means we get to live here for a whole month RENT FREE, (hooray!)

i really love sundays, and while most sunday mornings we're in church, we don't have one yet so yesterday we went exploring our new little town... we had breakfast at bottletree bakery, browsed the discounted cook-books and southern fiction sections at off-square books, then used the interweb at a coffeeshop down the street from our house. we made pizza for dinner and watched a movie (on HBO in HD on the house's GIANT tv). what a perfect sunday.

photos 1& 2 from caroline+lee and 3 & 4 from oh it's amanda

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Lawton said...

I couldn't be more jealous.