Friday, June 25, 2010

our couch surfing comes to an end

so, we made it back to atlanta after a 24+ hour flight and got upgraded to business class from tokyo to salt lake (fan-tastic). it's been a great month of traveling and gypsy-ing around, but i'll be really excited tomorrow when we get to our temporary home in the 'sip and finish our 33 day run of couch-surfing. thanks to everyone who made it possible: aunt mame and uncle bill, mom and dad, craig, jen and david, carrie, scott, and their girls, the good people of bali, and randolph who's letting us house sit for another month. (it's not technically ours, but at least it'll feel like it's ours for a little bit). :)
stay tuned for an update from our new home!

photo from flickr.

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