Monday, June 28, 2010

i love oxford american...

not only does oxford american publish a rad southern music issue every year with my fave artists, but it used to be located in our new (temporary) little town, and next weekend they are hosting a pretty fun party in the Delta next weekend. On top of all of this, they've published one of my friend's short stories!

Matthew Neill Null (Matt to me) was a college friend who tested the waters of TFA in the Delta my second year here, then decided the passion in his heart of hearts wasn't teaching, but writing. Now, after three years at the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop (where Flannery O'Connor studied and Marilynne Robinson teaches) a story of his about life in Appalachia has been published in an actual magazine with actual subscribers!!! I picked up a copy of OA at off-square books yesterday and am crazily impressed and proud of him. Order a copy here.

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Whitney said...

They're published now from my alma mater - University of Central Arkansas in Conway!!