Tuesday, February 9, 2010

relieving stress/sucking time

it's no secret that i've been a bit of a nuclear-sized mess recently. the thesis is looming (although coming along fairly well) my job and internship are getting busier, plus all my professors decided that they wanted to SIMULTANEOUSLY step up their assignment giving this semester. anyway, i'm feeling the crunch. so... just in case you're in the same place that i am I thought i'd pass along my 7 favorite ways to relieve stress and suck time. no one says these are healthy ways to do it or the right way to do it (you won't find exercise or yoga here) but they're my ways and they def. work for me...

#7 clean. everything. in my path.
this means the kitchen, the carpet, my tennis shoes, that stray dog i just saw, and every already- clean piece of clothing that maybe looks dirty or wrinkled. once my world is in order, i can relax. or at least get back to whatever it was i really and truly needed to be working on.

#6 bake something that smells good and involves flour or sugar or both.
obviously cooking usually takes a long time AND the eating will release endorphins or something, right? plus, then the kitchen will need to be cleaned again, resulting in more time to collect oneself before getting down to business

#5 take the longest, hottest bath
(even if you've already taken one) something about warm water relaxes me, and also signals to me that a shift has occurred and I need to kick myself into gear. maybe when my muscles are relaxed more blood gets to my brain for thinking?

#4 go on a long country road drive
i realize that this isn't good for the environment, and I also live in Atlanta now, so going on a country drive is a little harder these days, but revving up the stereo and rolling down the windows is the BEST way for me to chill out. Since living in the city, i've replaced "country driving" with walking around neighborhoods. not the same, but still sufficient.

#3 watch crappy, crappy tv
a few years ago, it was smallville, now it's NCIS. obvi, i always know what's going to happen and am HORRIBLY embarrassed when ANYONE catches me in the act, but when i'm freaked out about all i've got to do, sometimes turning off my brain for awhile makes me feel tons better.

#2 pray.
with someone, by myself, outloud...whatever. talking with God makes me feel so mellow... and makes me remember what's important. in fact, after a good prayer session, i'm usually so mellow i end up practicing my favorite way to suck time and relieve stress...

#1 take a loooong nap.

do you have a way to relieve anxiety or stress?

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Sam and Livi said...

naps and cleaning also work for me

Sarah said...

When I'm stressed I usually make my bed :) because it is can be done quickly and is instantly gratifying.

Your list is pretty dead on for me - I love watching NCIS, doing crafty DIY projects and taking long walks with loud music.

Good luck with your thesis!!