Tuesday, February 9, 2010

time suck strategy #6 in action...

#6 bake something that smells good with flour and/or sugar...
so last night i made some chocolate chip banana bread before boone got home from class to kill precious time AND because our bananas were the color of mississippi mud. while toodling around the internet i found this recipe on the delicious life and when sarah says it's "the last chocolate chip banana bread recipe you'll ever need," she wasn't kidding. it's just plain fantastic.

we ate one loaf in less than 12 hours, and knocked back 1/2 of the second loaf after dinner tonight. seriously. make this bread...now.

ps- sorry the photos are so bad... i'll figure lighting out sooner or later. also, i didn't have any baking soda (it all got dumped on our rug because it gets a strange musty smell every so often. i'd get rid of it, but it was a gift, plus the baking soda works) anyway, the bread didn't rise as much as it should have, but, so what? the chocolate/banana combo totally hit the spot.

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