Monday, February 8, 2010

oh hello.

the divinitus has my kind of style (er, ok... she's got the kind of style i'd LIKE to HAVE, anyway) what i mean is, some "daily outfit" bloggers seem to have a closet the size of the Georgia dome and a fashion budget as large as my tuition with all of the things they use to mix and match. but this gal uses the same lovely pieces over and over in new ways, and nearly everything is black or grey. so chic and really simple. apparently fashion doesn't have to be complicated.

but if that doesn't convince you then here are three reasons i love this blog + outfit
#1 pleated things=fun and classy,
#2 if i could look this good in leather pants i would never take them off (never ever ever)
#3 it makes me think i should probably switch out the black fleece i wear EVERYWHERE for something sophisticated. i'm 27, now you know. ;)
did i say 3 reasons? one more, then....
#4 all black DEFINITELY doesn't have to be boring. or scary. just fantastic.


Sam and Livi said...

thanks for the heads up on this blog - im excited to check it out

Hermione said...

I agree, I love that! Also, great with style blog that isn't all about buying the latest and so on. I, too can't afford it!