Friday, December 4, 2009

here comes santa claus...

well, i've been making gift guides for everyone else, and wouldn't you know that i ran across a few things that i wish santa would bring me. I don't actually expect to get any of these goodies, since we have many $2 to spent but they sure are fun to wish for!

this one's much better looking than our current plastic travel fan...

a new puffy vest... because my favorite thrift store one has seen better days.

some new(ish) music... because my ipod has been playing the same songs for months and is oh- so-tired of them.

this robe...because it's beautiful.

a singing we can practice prayer for real.

and books for little ones or a donation to a literacy program...because i was (am) a book worm and want other children to know the joy reading gives.


Jen said...

I asked for a singing bowl! My Dad said it was "the weirdest Christmas request ever made." He is old. but I think I may actually get it. fingers crossed.

Biz said...

:) keeping my fingers crossed for you. there's one at 10,000 villages that has such a deep sound it's like heaven.