Friday, December 4, 2009

gift guide: for the gals

if i had lots and lots of cash, i'd send my pretty girlfriends all of these goodies for christmas (i'm thinking Oprah's favorite things, here..)

a gurgle pot... because they're funny and fun. (can't you see this at a dinner party?)

lovely poetry..because nothing's better.

a scarf made out of discarded tshirts... awesome right?

the cleverest tshirt where the proceeds go to support hygiene and education for women in kenya (since my gal pals are free-thinking smarty-pants)

a rad mix cd (or a bunch of radiolab episodes) in a handmade case, just because.

the new mcsweeney's iphone they'll share the clever and delightful snippets they'll get once a day (or so) with me!

but the best gift (and the one we actually give to each other every year) is some quality time.

1 comment:

Anna said...

Dearest Biz,

What about gifts for the Dad would has everything!?

Your guidance welcome...