Friday, December 4, 2009

gift guide: my dad

i got this request from sweet anna today:
"Dearest Biz, What about gifts for the Dad would has everything!? Your guidance welcome..."
well, as you would have it, my dad HATES christmas gifts. as you can imagine he's a hard one to shop for but maybe one of these fun things will strike his fancy.

what about a book by his new favorite author that will make him want to wander the world?

my dad calls himself an "old folk singer" so maybe i'll get him this usb mic let's him record his tunes on something with a better sound quality that his crappy old tape recorder...

what man doesn't like scotch whiskey? so what about a membership to a tasting society? (fyi the uk branch of the society is cooler) it comes with whiskey and tasting lists. i know. probably too rich for my blood this year, but one day...

what about four or six fresh steaks of his favorite cut of meat from a local butcher? this way, he gets to eat his fav thing and spend time with me while we cook it.

or a space-age golf glove (it's cheap and really useful for golfer dads who live in balmy climates or like to play in the rain)

my dad told me recently that my crusade against plastic grocery bags had "ruined his life" (aka it was inconvenient to have to remember his own bag) but here's a tiny bag he can keep in his pocket that's proceeds go to GREAT cause. plus, their made out of men's ties, which seems pretty appropriate for a dad.

also, anything that i made/painted/wrote myself is usually a big hit. maybe i'll try to whip up some of these cool handmade guitar picks. he's also a big fan of mix cds, so maybe i'll make a cd case like this one and fill it with mixes. get your own ideas of what to make your dad here or here.

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