Thursday, December 3, 2009

gift guide: my honey

i'm not sure what to get boone this year... but here is what came from a few of my brainstorming sessions...

maybe a where the wild things are print... since it's his favorite book of all time, these ARE pretty cool, and the movie really was wonderful.

or a new cd that will make him snort and guffaw..

or a lego desk calendar... because when he gets an office (and a desk) he can remember his inner little boy and not take himself *too* seriously. ;)

a subscription (or couple of copies) of the japanese men's style magazine free&easy..he may not be able to read it, but it's super cool to look at.

maybe a demin shirt... i love them, but it might not be his style...

or maybe a donation to the appalachian trail concervancy. he's loved the trail nearly all of his life... why not take care of it?

oo! ooo! a good looking cardigan... because, well.. he's good looking too.

hmpf. not sure yet, but we'll see what i come up with. what are you thinking about getting for your honey for the holidays?


Sarah said...

Bruce keeps telling me gift after gift that he wants and I'm trying to explain that he's taking the mystery (and fun) out of gift giving. Am I wrong?

Biz said...

not wrong. part of the fun is the surprise factor. :)

Whitney said...

Brandon HATES Christmas (Scrooge!!) - specifically, he hates gift-giving - both buying and receiving. Since we don't have any money anyway, we're just going to make each other something. I really like paper crafts, so I'm thinking about writing a poem or something then presenting it to him in a bad-ass homemade card.