Wednesday, December 2, 2009

gift guide... the wee ones!

LOTS of new babies in our family this year. my aunt just had her second child (a girl to go with their crazy four year old son) and boone's sister and brother-in-law adopted twin girls (and already have two daughters). anyway, this leads to finding lots of gifts for little ones.. i'm not into giving barbies or fake guns (they have plenty of this) so the task is to find something affordable (yeah, right) lovely (easy enough), and fun. here goes...
what about an anne claire petit stuffed animal? they're snuggly, lovely, and could be keep sake (but they are a little bit pricey)

these are much cooler than the fisher price versions, don't you think?

these are useful AND pretty if framed in a child's bedroom or playroom...

when isn't sidewalk chalk fun? (the answer is NEVER) on top of being fun, fun, fun it's cheapy cheap cheap!

forget a child's room! i want these in MY bedroom (especially the fireflies and the blackbird on the website...)

and my personal favorite gift as a little girl, the cardboard box! because, well, it's not just a box. it's a playhouse, and a hideout, and a spaceship... (still afraid of looking TOO thrifty? give it with a copy of this sweet book about boxes and imagination)

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