Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want a pair...

lovelies, my friend craig sent me this link today to sseko designs that got me all kinds of excited!

turns out that these fab sandals are handmade by women in Uganda between secondary school and college. they money that they earn from making and selling sandals goes directly to their college funds! apparently it's difficult for many women in some areas to find a job paying a fair wage, so Sseko Designs offers them one. here's what their website says about it:

"Sseko Designs hires recent female secondary school graduates for this nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education. These women will not make sandals forever. They will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war."

hello? education, fashion, and making a difference? i want a pair of these like whoa.

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Sarah said...

Oh wow, me too!! Did you order a pair?