Friday, June 12, 2009

attendant gifts, a la me.

did I tell you about the gifts i gave my maids and other female members of the wedding party? probably not, since i wanted it to be a secret...but i was just bursting to show them to somebody since i was REALLY pleased with how they turned out.

in most weddings i've been in i've gotten jewelry to wear on the day of... but since i wanted my friends to dress like themselves for the ceremony, this wouldn't work. and i wanted to make sure that i gave them something that said, 'you are important to me, i made this just for you.'

so i made them each a silhouette.

the best part was that i got to think about each of my girlfriends and our friendship as i made them and remember why i'd asked them to be a part of the day and how they were special to me.

let me know if you want to know how i did it... but basically it's a piece of cake with a good photo, a sharp exacto-knife and a steady hand.

here's to hoping the girls liked them as much as i did and will know how much they mean to me!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift!!

mb said...

i'd like more details, please! i've been wanting to do this for some time now...

garzaka said...

I would love to hear how you made these amazing gifts! They are so beautiful and seem like just the thing I was looking for to give my attendants.

israel said...
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Biz said...

black, archival quality paper,
other decorative paper (i got both of these things from paper source)
off-white or white cardstock
a good photo of your subject from the side from about 2'-3' away
a sharp exacto knife,
spray glue,
and an oval mat for a frame (got this at hobby lobby)

To make them:
Use a projector to enlarge and trace the photo onto the black paper, or cut out the photo and trace the outline on the black paper.
Cut out the black silhouette carefully with your exacto knife and use the spray glue to mount it to solid white or off-white cardstock that's the same size as your mat.
spray the mat with glue, then cover the oval mat with your decorative paper. It should stick.
Then cut out the oval in the center with your knife and glue down the edges to the rounded inside of the mat. glue the white paper to the back of the mat and let it dry. Voila! easy peazy!