Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blessings...lots of them!

I just got back from SUMMER CAMP with the youth from our church. We sang songs, talked about God, made s'mores, hiked around the mountains, slept in bunk beds in cabins with screened windows, and did all the other summer camp things you do.

BUT the best part for me was that I was the visual arts director.... so I got to combine my love of crafting with spirituality. Most of the week we made Tibetan Prayer Flags and hung them above the worship space. Here's a little peak of what our projects looked like...

the best part is that these flags are believed to be more than just something beautiful to look at... they are printed with blessings and as the wind blows, and the flags deteriorate, the blessings are spread throughout the community and space where they are hung.

awersome, right? i thought so too... and so did the folks in my art group. it was really hard to come back to ATL and the HOT HOT HOT weather from a mountains of NC...

any other camp need an arts and crafts leader?

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eclaires said...

I love all the Tibetan prayer flags you made! I was just in southern Utah, at a restaurant called Hell's Backbone Grill and their entrance was lined with Tibetan prayer flags. (Hell's Backbone is a road and area, and the restaurant is operated following Buddhist principles.) You can check out my last blog post to see pictures.

Oh, and congratulations on the wedding! I'm glad you're loving married life so much!