Friday, June 12, 2009

i have nieces!! and they're coming to visit!!

i can hardly bring myself to play on the internet these days... work is much busier than i thought, and when i'm home, I'm with boone! i have been doing some online research to see where and what kind of new things for nesting that we need. it's so fun to mix all our things together and see which ones work.

this afternoon boone's sister and our two nieces (see the above photo with them as our flowergirls) are coming to ATL to play with us before going back to their home overseas. boone works until 5, so that means that i get to have them all to myself and we get to do girly things until then! whooo hoo!!!

i'm thinking we'll go to Olympic Park and play in the fountains, and then make homemade ice cream. we may go to the aquarium, the zoo, or fernbank if the girls feel up to it by the time their car trip is over.

either way, our apt. is clean and ready for them, and i am SUPER excited to have our first visitors.


mb said...

will you adopt me as a niece?!

Biz said...

:) absolutely!