Sunday, May 3, 2009

time is ticking...

well friends, i'm off to the 'sip until the big day! it's getting real now...

also, fyi, my conversation abilities have taken a turn for the worse. apparently with only 20 days to go until the wedding and having only just finished three big school projects i can only talk about ceremony programs, bride shoes, Buddhist sociopolitical power in Burma, or service-learning.

i know.

anyway, i'm pretty sure right now no one wants to hear about the processional music or what they should wear to the brunch the day of, but if they make the mistake of asking, well, i just can't be held responsible. (friends, consider this your warning).

i hate that i'm consumed with minutia, but also, i have to confess that i'm secretly excited to get to go play with my mom and make all the out of town giftbags, find a dress for the brunch, make my maids' gifts, etc.

the excitement i feel is nothing like the excitement of knowing that in 20 days that boone will be officially, truly, absolutely mine... but still. it's pretty fun.

what is NOT fun is that boone is staying in ATL until the 14th. this will be hard, but knowing that the next time i see him will be only a week away from our wedding makes it bearable.

well dears, keep checking back. we got fast internet at my folks' house so i'll try to post faily regularly.

also, happy summer to you (or happy summer in advance!)

anyone know where i got this picture?

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Sarah said...

Hey Elizabeth!!

I stumbled across your blog and have tried to check it ... my wedding is June 13th so I'm always looking for ideas!!

GOOD LUCK in the final preparations. I'm grateful for the time I have right now but will be envious when you'll be Mrs. by the end of the month!!

Sarah :)