Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"suddenly, it seems all the world's a twitter." -newsweek

riiiiiiight. i think there's a prety good reason why ryan adams calls twitter "nerd gps." i've heard about it CONSTANTLY for four weeks straight but i refuse join it. refuse. absolutely. but if i WERE going to join twitter, here are the people i would follow (if they even twittered). in no particular order:

orlegian snocones
ryan adams
my dad
harlan beckley
ira glass
pam and jim
kye risdol
krista tippett
gregory house, md
michelle obama

little bangkok
josh lyman
beth corrie
all my peeps (that's you!)

but i'm not going to sign up. nope, not ever.


Jen said...

So I guess I'm included in the "all my peeps" section? Because I actually do twitter.

Man, I wish Josh Lyman twittered. Pam and Jim don't twitter, but DWIGHT DOES and he is usually sort of funny. Sarah Silverman's twits are always funny.

It is the dumbest thing in the world. But it gets sort of less dumb as cooler people do it. I am humiliated to say that I have almost started liking it better than facebook. I wish they would change the name.

Carissa said...

my boyfriend joined and I REFUSE to join. He says I will probably join in a couple months but I've told him NO WAY JOSE. I refuse to join twitter and I commend you on your anti twitter rant. keep it up!!