Monday, May 4, 2009

talking out loud...

we're at a standstill. both of us feel strongly that we have to live our convictions out... and one of our major convictions is that marriage is a religious ceremony binding a couple to each other and God. the other conviction is that being legally united in the eyes of the state is a right that every couple should have.

so, the marriage ceremony is absolutely, definitely happening. but, we can't seem to come to a conclusion about whether or not we should sign the marriage license. i mean, if we believe that all people should be afforded these rights, then can we (in good conscience) take advantage of rights other people are excluded from having? isn't that like eating at a lunch counter where some people are barred from being served?

but then again, is standing in solidarity really that helpful? one lesbian lady friend of mine offered as a counter example, "Biz, you wouldn't forgo a great education just because other people don't get them, would you? no. that wouldn't do anyone any good. you'd get your great education and then fight so that everyone else can have one too."

but i don't know that this is the same... anyway, no decisions yet. just a lot of conversation.

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