Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wedding wednesday....the wee ones #2

how pretty are these outfits for the flower girls? i don't care if the little girls wear these dresses in particular, but asked brett's sister to find something simple, not too dressy, and white.
anyway, i love these because they're so sweet... and they look like little girl dresses and not big people clothes in minature. i don't know..i've just got a thing about children to dress like children, i guess.

dresses via jcrew.

but then, there was this wedding... and i love they way these kids are dressed too. it probably won't work for me, but just enjoy the feel...

in the end, it doesn't really matter what they wear, or if they make a scene... (in fact that's something that we can tease them about for the rest of their lives... hehehe)
for me, it just matters that our family plays a big role in the ceremony and enjoys themselves a lot. but even if it doesn't really matter, the whole "aesthetic" is just so fun to think about! thoughts?

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