Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wedding wednesday...the wee ones #1

I know that kids in/at a wedding aren't for everybody...(if you don't believe me, refer to article here). but i really love them.

and i really love that they bring spontaneity and unpredictability (which to me =fun and humor) to really emotional events. on top of that, it seems like a good way to take the pressure off you and your honey if you don't relish the idea of a hundred or so people staring at you for forty minutes. anyway, if you're going to have children in/at a wedding, then you probably shouldn't expect them to be excited to do all the normal grown up things (like dancing and drinking) that your, er... more experienced guests will be excited about. anyway, since we're having my little cousin who is a bad (in a fun way) as our ring bearer, and boone's nieces as our flower girls. right now there are two, but my May there may be four! (they're in the middle of the adoption process) anyway, here are some ideas i found keep them occupied during the reception.and having fun during the reception... please share any others you've got.

i mean, what child (or grownup for that matter) doesn't like to color on tables, play little game of dress up, jump rope, or pirates?

images from: ?, the brides cafe?, picasa, inmagine

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