Thursday, December 11, 2008

clothes don't make the (wo)man...

did i forget to tell about the dress i wore to the museum gala, y'all? usually i go with one of the trusty black or dark-colored numbers that are sort of knee length and have plenty-o-coverage so that i don't feel, you know... exposed when i get all dolled up.

but with all the weddings boone & i went to last summer (5 in 3 months...maybe 6?) i was bored with every single thing in my cocktail/formal wardrobe. that's a problem when your mom and dad are hosting THE event of the year in the tiny town where i grew up. i finally resigned myself to wearing something i'd had for 8 years when i ran across this little number deeeeeeply discounted right after thanksgiving.

it's not black... it's not brown or dark in any way shape or form. it's well, oyster? cream? winter white? totally not a color i would normally choose since my skin is nearly the color of bone china but it looked so good, y'all.
i never feel fab in skimpy outfits but something about the bubble skirt, the curvy full top, and the smokin' color made me feel like i was it. now, don't get me wrong..i DID NOT look like this teeny lady... but i looked like me in a pretty, pretty dress.

i've worn a lot of cocktail dresses and i'd never felt like that before! it made me want to feel like this everyday... which means I need to throw out all of my clothes OR just get some SERIOUS exercise in the coming months.

and y'all...i hope that you at least have one dress/suit/outfit that makes you feel as great as i did for your holiday soirees. or your wedding. or your life. or whatever. :)

*also, this might make a really great outfit for a really fun, nontraditional bride. for realz.

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heather said...

oh, i love that dress! gorgeous!