Thursday, December 11, 2008

baking delishiousness...

over the next few weeks, make sure to look for some holiday inspired baked treats on wishfulfillment!

today i'm going to kick things off with boone's fab roomie (cht's) december b'day cake. it's a pretty standard recipe... german choc. cake, sweetened condensed milk, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and heath bar = delish. and the best part was that the birthday boy pretty much ate the whole cake by himself within three days. that means he liked it, ya'll. ;)

and tuesday, while studying for exams, boone and i made martha's winter bark to give to our coworkers and pals. instead of peanuts we used cashews and, well... it tastes a little like heaven. i forgot my camera to take pics of our bark, but it looks like this. (i'll post photos of our packaging later when we've had some time to work on it. right now the bark is hibernating in his freezer).

now can we talk about this cake please? please?
it's VEGAN and has ALCOHOL in it, is made with CREPES and looks VERY holiday-ish.
if I hadn't forsworn crepe cakes after making a crepe birthday cake last year (they take FOREVER) then i might be making this for a holiday soiree or with my girlfriends next week during our holiday cookie decorating event (which i'll definitely catalog). As it is, i'll probably just steal the icing idea.

which brings me to an important question. what are your fav holiday cookie recipes or decorating techniques? my gals and i will need them next week... so if you've got 'em and want to share 'em PLEASE post 'em!

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stacy said...

I love the holidays because I have an excuse to bake and bake and bake.