Friday, December 12, 2008

a couple of gift ideas...ala a cup of jo

whew! two exams/papers down and 3 to go!

thought i'd celebrate by sharing this fab gift idea post by a cup of jo. apparently she is engaged to my boone...or a guy JUST like him!

Last year, boone and i weren't even dating but we got each other really fun, super cheap things.Usually i'm BIG into making my own gifts (ornaments, journals, meaningful sketches/drawings but i've been a little busy) Anyway, since this year things are a little different (but cheap is STILL VERY good) here are my Christmas gift ideas for "handsome, bearded fiances [with glasses] who always kisses you like it's the first time ever" but fyi, boone... not one of these is actually YOUR gift. or is it? ;)

without further ado... the list!

#1 a cooler than cool hoodie ('cause you stole his fav red one and aren't giving it back)

#2 a pair of tickets to see the most hilarious David Sedaris live in ATL since he enjoys great humor more than anyone.

#3 super masculine stationary (aka man notes) to replace "the way too fancy" stuff he's got.

#4 a manscarf in his undergrad alma mater's colors... because he knows he'd look good but thinks it might be a tad goofy.

#5 a new messenger bag JUST like the old one..because the old one is awesome (and is so very Jim from The Office), but covered in ink stains.

#6 a lifetime supply of his most favorite thing in the whole world...

#7 woodworking lessons because he's been talking about them since you met him and is really crafty and rugged...

and probably the best idea #8 make/commission a painting or drawing of the two of you for his wall so he never forgets how perfectly you fit together...

oh dear! i got carried away thinking about all the things i'd like to give to my man this Christmas! the thing is, he's so easy to please that he'd be just as happy (and so would i) if we just gave each other the gift of time and made dinner in then snuggled up with a movie...

but let's be honest, finding/making great things to give then suprising those you love with them is most fun!

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Shelton said...

hey elizabeth!

i was just popping over to mention the cup of jo post. i thought of y'all when i saw it. great minds must think alike; or something like that.

hope all is well and that we'll see you sometime soon. good luck with your exams. hello to your Mr. too.