Thursday, December 22, 2011

she's making a list (part deux)

my list got longer before it got shorter, but the good news is that i'm on the downhill slope as we countdown to hosting our VERY FIRST big holiday.

design and order Christmas cards
get a tree
wrap presents
make stockings
make + deliver peanut butter balls
buy gifts for the work secret santa
mail Brett's family their gifts
decorate tree
CLEAN everything 
  - sweep
   - mop
  - vacuum
   - dust
  - clean out toilets and bathtubs
  - scrub the kitchen
  - laundry 
create arrangements for bookcases
plan menu for Christmas morning + Thursday night
  - grocery shop
  - make cheese grits
  - make spinach cassarole
  - marinate venison
get a new outfit for cocktail party/nye
finalize boone's present
finish wrapping gifts
address and mail Christmas cards

honestly, with all of this getting ready i've not really taken time to prepare myself for the spiritual side of this beautiful, joyful season. how are you preparations coming?

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