Sunday, November 6, 2011

gift guide: the woman who who taught me about champagne tastes (and how to manage them on a beer budget)

 I know it may seem a little early for gift guides, but honestly, my life is so crazy I've GOT to plan these important things really far in advance. if you're with me, say amen. :) anyway, here are my thoughts for what i'd like to get my beautiful, special, so important mama this year...

the perfect wallet in the perfect color... because she's warm, firey, and crazy organized. 

and a lifetime supply of her favorite lipstick color to match (even though I've been anti-orange flip a LONG time) :)

a heavenly feeling (and looking) cotton nightgown and cotton robe since they are SO hard to find. I mean, who wants fleece in a warm Mississippi winter? no one.

and maybe a snuggly and chic pair of slipper socks from jcrew to go with that nightgown

and a cotton license plate so she can show her Mississippi pride... (plus she keeps saying she wants one)

a subscription to a super useful, super delicious recipe magazine, because she and my dad love to cook together, but she's the comfort-food kind of mom.

or maybe some quirky but functional things to jazz up her workspace (since now she's a famous calligrapher)

or a surprise trip to her favorite restaurant (Galatoire's in New Orleans) for lunch...or dinner...or both. it makes her remember her dad, and is the penultimate spot for a celebration with sizzle.

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