Tuesday, November 1, 2011

gift guide.... the man who takes care of me, protects me,

a harmonica and some lessons with a pro...because we live in the land of the blues, and he regrets quitting piano...

 A pair of snazzy shades... because he can't wear his glasses ALL the time..

a new notebook for his ideas, since his moleskins all look the same and don't really fit into his back pocket very well..
 new sneakers from JCrew and New Balance...because his are FALLING APART and he started drooling when he saw these...
a moustache and beard comb...so his facial hair can look as spiffy as the rest of him..
a portable basketball hoop...because we may not stay here forever, but he needs some b-ball in his life. 
a canoe, so we can navigate the Mississippi together, and a fab, manly book about the great river's history (boone LOVES history)

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