Monday, November 29, 2010

gift guide: for my golf-loving, iron chef pretending, education-reform seeking daddy.

oh my dad hates getting christmas presents...the last present he got super excited about was a new bill bryson book last year, and two years before that he got an automatic knife sharpener that changed his life. this year, i have some ideas because we went shopping TOGETHER...but still, i don't have a great handle on him. what are you going to get your dad?
the olive oil of the month club...because he LOVES cooking and experimenting and this is second to the nonexistent beef-of-the-month club

tickets to go see an awesome blues show at a fab local venue...because what's better than entertainment?

a dapper hat that actually fits his head for the gold course..otherwise he wears a trucker hat. eeek!

a new chef's jacket in soft, soft demin since his old one looks SO ratty that even the meat he carves recoils in horror.

a cool new pair of sandals for his trip to australia (yep, that's right...a trip to australia) because his usual summer footwear gives his geekery away.

a butterbean tie...well, because a tie is a classic dad-gift, PLUS he and i are butterbean fanatics. perfect.
my dad is quite the world he's a realtor and LOVES maps, so maybe this fun scratch off where you've been map might be something he'd want for his man room..

of maybe i should make a donation to save the music since dad's great passion (besides golf and cooking) is playing his guitar.

or...just maybe a musical print or two from a friend's fab etsy shop (there's a 2-for-1 deal that ends today)

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Kelly said...

those are all such great ideas!