Saturday, June 19, 2010

seeing the sights...

our second full day took us on a tour of bali... i think almost everyone who hires a driver and doesn't give explicit directions goes on this trip. not only did we see all of the temples, but we also visited some rice terraces (since the region isn't flat, they've got to grow rice in stairsteps. eat your heart out, mississippi delta)

we visited a peak where we could see the volcanoes...

and had lunch there. ;)

we drove through coffee and fruit farms next to teeny villages and visited a fruitstand to try fresh balinese oranges (see below) which actually tastes like a giant lime, mangosteens, and something else that tasted like a giant grape but looked like a porcupine.

and we visited a lovely waterfall and made some adorable friends.

it was a great day... and the next day, we went to the beach! i still can't get over that all of this was on the same island.

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