Saturday, June 19, 2010

"it looks like a screensaver!"

we watched couples retreat right before we left singapore and this quote kept popping into my mind when we got to sanur beach. i really don't have much to say about this part of our trip, except that we had a traditional balinese couples' massage for like $40 total (where hot hot hot spice mask is slathered all over your body and left to dry) the massage part was fantastic...but my skin didn't find the mask all that relaxing. Boone loved it, though.

the photos just say everything else...

everything except about the food. so, sanur also has tons and tons of small warungs, or food stalls along the beach. we drank bintang beer and sampled some piping hot roasted corn on the cob. (one slathered in butter, the other in sweet chili sauce. again, i tried something a little too hot for me).

it was a perfect beach vacation unlike any other i've ever had. if only destin or pensacola would get some seafood stalls or bars on their beaches...

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