Saturday, May 15, 2010

pomp and circumstance!

i'm taking a quick break from packing (packing peanuts and liquor boxes are EVERYWHERE) to share some photos of graduation weekend (courtesy of the fab photographer kc ramsey) AND our graduation soiree Monday night at antico pizza (courtesy of my mom's camera)
by the way...our family + k&p+ delicious pizza + crazy chef = loads of fun

first, k & p's graduation pot luck. you can see the MOST DELICIOUS homemade krystal burgers in the above photo. i got the recipe... can you stand it? and below is my mom and her new best friend... anne.

and now, actual graduation. here's a photo of all of the emory grads...

yes, that IS the gover-nator..

now here's antico: we RSVP'd for the family table in the back and brought lots of wine and champagne (it's a celebration, right?) if you don't, you end up sitting wherever you can find a spot and it's a byob kind of place. if you haven't been... GO. and if you want some company, let me know in the next 9 days and i'll meet you there.

here's my dad with HIS new best friend.. the chef.

promise i'll be back soon with more stuff, but first we've got to pack, move to the delta, find a place to temp. live, then come back to ATL so we can FLY TO SINGAPORE!

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