Sunday, April 25, 2010

my mom=incredible

so here i am again...totally floored by my mom's incredible-ness. y'all know she's started doing calligraphy for weddings. and that she's so, so good.
but did you know she did tatoos, too?


well, she does. sweet erin, my mom's new bff and creative pal at lucky luxe asked her to write out a little girl's name so her dad could have it tattooed on his arm. this is what she came up with (erin's photos btw):

well, actually when i talked to her last week she'd written it like 79 times, but the ones here were the faves. erin did a little photoshop magic to see how it would look and viola!

see? my mom is incredible. thank goodness I'm going home to play with her this week!
see erin's original post about this here.

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