Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in the news...

the interviews are over and i got back to atl late last night... cross your fingers or say a prayer (whichever you feel most comfortable with) that someone liked me. turns out i'd forgotton how obnoxious people who over-use lingo can be ("i have a sense of urgency about getting lunch" etc.) turns out catch phrases make me itch a little bit. hmf.

photo here

something else that makes me itch and makes me want to tear my hair out are these articles I read in the past five days.

-i couldn't BELIEVE the news about this elderly couple... if anyone wonders why i'm for civil equality when it comes to marriage, this article is a case study in why it is absolutely worth fighting for. 100%.

-and then, what about this? COME ON, mississippi. you know how much I love you, adore you, want to move back to you, and then one little town with some racist idiots goes and gets put in the NATIONAL news for not doing what should have been done DECADES ago. (really tylertown? seriously? dejure segregation in 2010?) and i want to crawl under a rock and die.

then FINALLY there's this... a breath of fresh air. a sight for sore eyes... good news at last! :)

anything you've read lately that sets you on fire (in a good or bad way?)

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