Monday, March 22, 2010

and away we go!

we're going to singapore!!!!

for almost a month!!!!!

i know... i can hardly believe it either.
we've been talking with boone's sister and her partner about possibly taking a trip to see the two of them and their four little girls (they moved there over a year ago) since december, but without jobs and future plans it just seemed soooooo irresponsible to me. i mean, i've been full of angst about our future (nashville? mississippi? atl?) that i just couldn't see how it was a good idea to graduate, pack up our stuff and put it in storage or somewhere, and head to asia only to come home and start trying to figure things out all over again. but on the other hand i really, really wanted to get my hands on our nieces and see a part of the world not everyone gets to visit...

anyway, we've been back and forth about it for months now, but because boone's sister offered to pay for our tickets using accrued sky miles we HAD to make a decision last week. finally, finally, i realized what boone had been saying all along: that an opportunity to see our family and travel to a new, exciting part of the world for an extended period of time for nearly zero dollars was really just too good to pass up.

so, now i'm embracing "irresponsibility" and the freedom of not knowing. honestly, this is the first time in my life when i don't have a specific plan for the future... and it's scary as hell. and a little liberating. but like i said a few months ago in this post, "no matter what, at least we're in this thing together."

photos from imgspark, here, and here (but don't worry, i'll have my own photos soon!)

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The Hasslers said...

I'm so excited for you guys! We were in the exact spot last year (well minus the cheap trip) and went back and forth about going on a vacation. We decided not to for responsibilities sake and we really really wish we had now. So enjoy the trip!! Everything will work out.