Thursday, February 4, 2010

and away we go?

i had a job interview yesterday... on the phone. it turns out that the pool has been narrowed down to a group of six, and then three will be picked for a real-and-in-person interview.
it was so weird talking to group of people that i've never even seen. i mean, when i'm on the phone with friends, i know what they look like when they're smiling, or crying, or confused, so i can react like i would if we were face to face. and in person, i'm pretty good at reading expressions.. but on the phone with strangers? i had no idea.

which means i really don't know how it went. but i do know that i've lost a lot (and i mean, A LOT) of sleep over it even though I know that it's not really up me whether i get the job or not. but do know that graduation is looming for boone and me and that right now every single thing in our life is up in the air.

and that's kind of an exciting place to be...and kind of a scary one. but no matter what, at least we're in this thing together. nashville or durham? middle of nowhere maryland, or near family in small-town mississippi? vancouver or phoenix? no clue. but we're both going.

i think that's why i loved Away We Go so much... the adventure, and freedom, the couple's love, and the need for some honest-to-goodness roots. it resonated with me pretty deep. now if we could only find our dream house...


The Hasslers said...

I feel like Michael and I have been in this "stage" for almost our entire relationship. It's definitely stressful at times, but (like you said)the fact that we are in it together is really all that matters.

Good luck with the job search! I know that God has a great plan for you both.

Anonymous said...

Oh was that a good movie?! I just put it on my BBuster Que! Kerr and I are in there with you two. Now that it's February I feel like the stress won't last much longer! Spring holds may new possibilities! Not to get our hopes up, but wouldn't it be lovely if we were all in Nashville?!