Friday, February 26, 2010

oh, canada...

all this talk of the canadian olympics has me pining for our honeymoon in nova scotia and i realized i never shared the photos here. how silly!

i may sound like i'm joking when i say i'm "pining" but i seriously wake up at night thinking about our lobster lunch on a bay of fundy dock,

and wish we could be walking around lunenburg or halifax, stopping into antique stores, used book stores owned by pirates, and searching high and low for that berry ice cream we tried in chester...

and sometimes i feel a breeze and it reminds me of hiking around these cool ocean caves,

or the coldest whale watching tour in the history of the world... where we didn't see a single whale, but it was totally worth it for these views...

and remember the kilted punk-fiddlers from the olympic opening ceremonies? we actually saw some.. (sorry the picture is blurry, we may have had a few nova scotian microbrews that night...)

probably everyone feels that their honeymoon was as magical and as much of an adventure as ours was... at least i hope they do! if not, maybe they should check out nova scotia.

traveling together was so fun that we're really trying to work out a trip in may to see our sister and brother (in law) and their four little girls in singapore... cross your fingers for us.

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