Thursday, February 25, 2010

can it be last weekend again? please?

oh i wish this weekend was going to be like last weekend.... i spent the whole time playing and not thinking about the future or jobs or thesis.. it was heaven.

here's the rundown:
saturday morning, boone and i went to a birthday brunch for friend. both the company and the food were wonderful. there was even a family band concert, and you haven't lived until you've heard jen sing. seriously.

then, my mama came into town...we went to my fav grocery store in all of atl (it's busy, crazy, has every fruit or veg in the world, and is full of smells)

then we had dinner at this thai place that has the best massaman curry in the U.S. i swear.i would drink the sauce instead of water if i could get away with it.

that night we watched my third ever episode of the wire, which was, by all accounts, bad ass. why have i never seen this before? we slept in the next day until boone left for his (very important and far-away) conference. boone's absence, my friends, was the one and only drawback of last weekend...

after morning coffee, my mom and i went to my church together, and afterward had a happy lunch at alon's then juked around atlanta until our feet hurt.

monday, we visited every fabric store on the westside and drooled over mustard colored mohair waaaaay out of our price range, and stumbled on sam flax, a paper/art supply store that rivals paper source AND binders (sorry paper source devotees). we ate divine pizza for lunch and then came home early to crash and watch harry potter and the half blood prince in our pjs.

doesn't that sound so perfect? instead of that, this weekend my nose HAS to be to the grindstone so that I can actually graduate on time..we do get to go to a salman rushdie lecture (he's so cool) moderated by christopher hitchens (he's not so cool) but i hope we also get an hour or two for the wire or a visit or two in with friends.

what are you doing this weekend?

photo from a blog that no longer exists?


Sarah said...

We love the farmer's market!! Bruce is literally giddy after we get home.

p.s. I'm going to e-mail you the photo I took today so you can post it where it should go - YAY Februhairy!!

courtney said...

I'm at the farmers market every other week! It's the best place ever.

and sam flax is amazing. I refuse to go anywhere else :)

J. made me start watching the wire and I'm still trying to say I'm not hooked. Pretty sure unsuccessfully since I'm usually pretty transparent so I'm sure it's really obvious that I am!

Glad you had a great weekend!!

(Oh and check out They have awesome deals (right now it's at urban cottage right and it's super worth it. And it's free to use which kicks ass.)

Biz said...

WHY have I never heard about scoutmob before?!? this is awesome... thanks courtney!