Sunday, February 14, 2010


boone and i don't really celebrate valentine's day in any special way... mostly because we try to be spontaneously romantic and unexpectedly thoughtful as much as possible. what i mean is that just one single designated day a year just isn't enough love as far as we're concerned. plus, i'm not really into the commercial holidays where people spend untold amounts of mo.... blah blah, blah, soapbox, and so on.

with that said, i couldn't let today go by without a little bitty nod to love and kisses of all kinds since i do love a little PDA, and I know that not everyone is as much of a v-day scrooge as i am.

go give someone a kiss. *smack*

fyi- i tried (really really tried) to find more couples to represent my dear friends of who're tired (as am i) of hetero-hegemony, but no luck. i mean, if we're celebrating love, and it's for everyone, then it should look like it. will do better next time, promise.

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