Thursday, January 21, 2010

man (or woman) down....

i haven't admitted it to anyone but boone until now, but i get SO excited when wishfulfillment gets a new follower. seriously, it makes my day and i do a little apartment dance in honor of the new reader.

which is why i'm feeling a little blue today today. First of all, the perfect spring-like weather is gone and replaced with rain. PLUS we've lost someone.

maybe it's because i've been pretty bad about posting new things, or maybe it's the abundance of movie images lately.. or maybe it's because i said that thing that one time... but if you're still out there reading this, then know that I'm not above begging. please... pretty please... pretty please with sugar on top, come back.

aaand if you're thinking about making it official and joining us, well, then, by all means go ahead. it really makes my day. ask boone. ;)

photo from imagespark

1 comment:

courtney said...

I am the exact same way.
(right down to the dance.)