Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the best. documentary. ever.

boone and i watched young@heart and loved it so much we were both CRYING by the end. (crying with laughter and crying because the whole thing was so so sweet).

we randomly came across it on PBS and we were spellbound with this documentary about a rock music singing showchoir made up of octogenarians. (seriously, not a SOUL in it is younger than 70!)
think: Glee meets The Golden Girls

I know. (like i don't already know that you were IN showchoir in high school and used to really look forward to watching the GG's with your grandparents.)

if it hadn't been 100% real I would have thought it was a christopher guest mockumentary, but no... these folks really exist and even toured the globe with their renditions of coldplay/sonic youth/the clash. anyway, i truly think you'll love it AND the good news is that it's out on DVD. RUN to blockbuster, put it NEXT in your netflicks que, stream it from the website tonight... but whatever you do, WATCH it. now. for serious.
here's a link to the preview on youtube

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The Hasslers said...

That was ME! I was in Show Choir and liked Golden Girls (not as much as my college roommate, but still liked it).

Biz said...

well then, lady, you HAVE to see this movie.